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This weekend at the Oxnard Student Digi Film Festival our Students Luis Heredia and Yvette Linares happily won awards on their lucky films “Martha” “Spring With No Break” and “CSI: Case of La Llorona.” As Luis Heredia says ” I feel motivated that I won something this year; I want to continue making more films and possibly pursue it as a career.” The students were also abel to attend workshops on filmmaking. “The workshops we attended were very fun and useful, we all were able to attend classes that interested and motivated us to continue with filmmaking,” Yvette Linares shared with us. Chris Perez says that he enjoyed participating this year and hopes to continue on to the next year.



Phenology is phenomenal! from julio alcala on Vimeo.

“Working in the garden video was very FUN!! This was one of the first movies i have acted in. Normally I am working behind the camera but with this video i realized how much fun it is to be an actor. Surprisingly, I did learn a lot about plants mostly native ones but because i knew all of this i was able to be more in character. One of the reasons this video was so much fun to make was because I was able to work with some of my friends. It was very help full being with them because they helped me remember some of my lines. There was many scenes were we would do over and over again but it was all worth it because the final product was AMAZING! I really hope I can be another video with everyone because I had a really great time filming this one.”

-Yvette Linares 13

“Being part of the garden video was good because I learn some stuff that I didn’t learn in school. One of the stuff was about phenology. I learn that phenology is the studying of plants in the world. As well that there are certain plants that grow in some areas that make scientist study there behavior to the way the plants grow, when it grows with the climate pattern. As being part of helping make the plant video was fun. Also learn that there are a lot of ways to make a video by all the different shoots and retakes that were needed to take to create the movie.”

-Luis Heredia 20

Becky Torress

What I like about the colonia garden is that its like in my back yard, so I can see it often. It makes the neighborhood nice at the Nopalito the deset plants are cool and diffrent. Thanks Tony

Alondra Barajas

I love the garden because its a wonderful sight and its colorful. Also because alot of people came and helped and in my opinion I think it was an experience for people to know how it feels to help volenteer. I liked helpinq in the garden because after it was done it turn out beautiful and its all worth it.

Denise Raya

I like working in the garden because i love plant. Working in the plants was a good experience. Im thankful for the free plant we got.

Monika Torres

I like the awesome plants at the Nopalito place Tony is cool and funny. I think the garden is nice, I like to help clean the garden with my friends. Plants are pretty

Maria Echevarria

Doing the garden movie was a really fun experience. Even tough they kept telling us to shut up. I also liked seeing all of the diffrent kinds of desert plant which i have in my back now because ben planted it. Thank you Tony. I appreciate julio and maria for inviting us




Some pictures taken from students from Squires.


People got together on February the 17th, 2010. It was a great day to take pictures because of the position of the sun, and there was great amount of people to take pictures. The sun was right in position because it was sunset. Also the class took pictures while being inside the church.


Here are more pictures done in the green screen. Making the background look real was hard.


This was the first time to use the green screen. The program that was used to create the pictures was Photo Key. What was fun was choosing the background. The hard thing was adjusting the picture to the background to make it look cool.