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Creating a community garden.

Q&A Interview with Gil Guevara

BP: Why did you build the garden?

GG: We built the garden because the people of the community wanted to improve the community and add something nice to the community.

BP: Was it expensive to build this garden?

GG: It was not expensive to build this garden because many groups and people helped build it.

BP: Which groups helped you build the garden?

GG: The groups that helped us build the garden were the Police Department, the Fire Department, the SeaBees, Colonia Youth Council, Girl Scouts, parents, th Oxnard Housing Staff, and the youth of colonia.

BP: What was your overall impression on the finished result?

GG: I think that the finished result was good and it gave the people a sense of pride in their neighborhood and that the community accomplished on what they were aiming for.

With the help of OPD and other local agencies we have built a community garden in the main Oxnard Housing Authority site.

With a wonderful grant from the Fish and Wildlife Service, we will be adding “native” plants to our garden. Native plants will grow easier and adapt to the weather in our area. We’d like to thank NOPALITO NURSERY for there help on this project.

Be on the look out for our upcoming video promoting Native gardens and Prject Budburst.
Special thanks to Kate and Antonio.


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