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Making Of Community Mural

Gil Guevara of the Oxnard Housing Authority was very pleased with the collective efforts of all the people who worked on the community mural.

Q&A Interview

BP: Why did you make the mural?

GG: We made the mural to add culture and visibility to the community.

BP: Was it expensive to make the mural?

GG: It was not expensive to make the mural because we had many groups donate items and there effort to the mural.

BP: Which groups helped make the mural?

GG: The Groups that participated in making the mural were the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Colonia Youth Council, and the Oxnard Police Department.

Q&A Interview with Marcos who worked on the mural

BP: How did you feel participating in making the mural?

M: I enjoyed making the mural because i was able to participate on drawing and there was a lot of history about Oxnard.

BP: How long did it take to make the mural?

M: It took about 4 weeks in the evening to make the mural

BP: What was your overall impression on making the mural?

M:I think that we did a good job and since we need so many people to work on it it brought a sense of unity to the community.


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